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Dog Breed Selector

To create a breed recommendation, simply answer the questions below. You can choose to answer as many, or as few, of these questions as you wish, in any order. Each time you add or change an answer, the recommendations will update automatically. We suggest you complete the questions that are most important to you first, then refine your choice by adding further answers. You can change your answers at any time. To learn more about any particular breed, click on the breed name.

To learn why each question may be important in determining your breed choice, click on ?


About You

? How much daily exercise can you give your dog?
  Up to 40 mins Up to 1.5 hours
  Up to 2 hours More than 2 hours

? How much grooming would you prefer your dog to need?
  Up to once a week Once a week
  More than once a week Every Day

? How much do you want to spend if you plan on buying a purebred pup?
  Less than £300 Up to £500
  Up to £800 More than £800

? How much do you plan on spending on dog food each week?
  Up to £4 Up to £7.50
  Up to £10 More than £10

About your Family and Friends

? How much time will your dog be spending around children?
  Only occasionally Sometimes
  All The Time

? Do you or any member of your immediate family suffer from allergies?
  Yes No

About your Home

? Do you have a garden or area outside your dog can use?
  Yes No

? How much time will your dog be alone each day?
  Less Than 30 mins 30 Minutes To 1 hour
  More Than 1 hour

? Will your dog be living with other pets, including other dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, etc?
  None at all A few
  Lots of pets  

Your Reason for Wanting a Dog

? Will you want to train your dog?
  Not interested Probably
  Yes very keen to

? Are you looking for a dog for personal protection?
  Not really Partly
  Prime purpose

? Are you looking for a guard dog?
  Not Important Would Be Good
  Very Important

About the Dog

? What size of dog do you prefer?
  Toy Small
  Medium Large

? What sort of coat would you prefer your dog to have?
  Short/Medium Short/Smooth
  Medium/Long Corded/Wooly

? How active would you like your dog to be?
  Low Medium

? How vocal would you prefer your dog to be?
  Quiet Not too noisy

? How much shedding would you be able to tolerate?
  None Little
  Moderate Heavy

Breed Recommendations

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